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Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Beautiful Luncheon ... Celebrating a birthday of a dear friend.

Handcrafted Invitation  -- Made to look like a book.

The Lovely Birthday Table

Banners help to create that "festive" atmosphere.

Of course, every place setting must have a special plate decoration and a place card holder.
These place card holders have the initial of the person who will sit there.

Beautiful gold napkins folded with a knot in the middle and a surprise inside.  
The surprise is a paper napkin so that the gold pleated napkin just looks lovely and does not have to be used.

I spent some time creating a napkin ring.  The ring itself is a plastic shower curtain ring from Walmart.  Then I wrapped it in tulle.  I used various colors of felt to create the flower and then I used a larger bead for the center of the flower with little seed beads to accent the center bead and bring it all together.  I used white for the leaves with an edging of little gold seed beads.  Then applied a gold ribbon under the napkin ring, attached with a hot glue gun.  And I left the tulle ends a little long so I could include the tulle in the whole decoration.  Notice how well the napkin ring matches the bowl and plate.  : )   These are very special hand-made plates are from the Niagara China Company.  They are gorgeous and unique.

Of course every place setting has to have a special flower arrangement!

Everyone gets their own unique tea cup sitting on an antique Japanese plate probably painted in the 1890s;  although this plate may be German/Bavarian.  And a bank of candles to add to the party atmosphere - the birthday honoree must blow out all of these candles!

I hope you will take inspiration from this table setting and invite your friends for a lovely tea party!

So Many Tea Parties

It has been much too long since I last wrote.  I've been so very busy with tea parties and decorating for Christmas.  After Christmas, it was a daunting task to take down and pack away the ornaments from all seven (yes, 7!) trees.

Then there were tea parties galore!

This post sat in my drafts folder for months.  I am going to post it now, even though it is sorely late and out-of-date.  It was written at the beginning of 2016.


We had a lovely Minestrone soup, made from scratch and a delicious tuna fish sandwich, grilled with butter and Parmesan cheese.  We enjoyed the colorful place settings, especially the delicate and beautiful porcelain blue soup bowls from Japan.  The place cards not only showcased a little gingerbread man but included a tiny envelope with the story of where gingerbread men originated.  Fun!